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Desc:Never seen this show before, sufficed to say this was the last episode.
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Horror
Tags:death, david the gnome, take that kids
Submitted:Rodents of Unusual Size
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Resubmit:The Faghorn

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Comment count is 34
Adramelech - 2007-06-30
This is where they turn into trees, right? I'm afraid to watch it again because it touches my insides.
Caminante Nocturno - 2007-06-30
I had to force myself on the spot to become mature enough to handle this sort of ending. Right there, as it happened, forcing myself to mentally mature so that I could handle this. It worked, and I'm a better person for it. I hope that was the creators' intention, because if so they are brilliant people.

I could've done without the bitchy comments at the beginning and end, though.
Xenocide - 2007-06-30
I'm right there with you, man. This episode did an excellent job of imparting to me the idea that death is final and significant, AND that the world will keep on going afterwards.

Thanks, Spain! You lazy bull-torturers are alright.

Quad9Damage - 2007-06-30
I'm giving the video a five because of the honest portrayal of death.

The idiot who decided to give us his asinine 'commentary' gets a zero, though. YES, THERE IS DEATH IN THE REAL WORLD. DEAL WITH IT.

Rodents of Unusual Size - 2007-07-01
Agreeing with that sentiment but this was the only version I could find available. 5 stars to what looks like an amazingly well done show that I'd only heard of until now.

Nikon - 2009-01-03
Very moving cartoon.

gambol - 2007-06-30
We can all hope to have such noble ends. It's also wonderful how such simple changes can make the show's theme so sad.
Pandatronic - 2007-06-30
Poor Swift. I know how you feel.
fluffy - 2007-06-30
I have never heard of this show before now.
Aelric - 2007-06-30
i never knew this show could be so deep. i remember it as a rather shallow, meandering show where not much ever happend. this, however, blows me away.
dead_cat - 2007-06-30
Ah, this was one of my fav rerun-series as a kid! I never learned how it ended, though. Thank you.
EvilHomer - 2007-06-30
Wait... David the Gnome died?!

Oh man. I'm not sure if I want to watch this clip. I'll five it because that was one classy show and it never failed to deliver, but... noooo! Are his last words "Slitzweitz"?
Severian - 2007-06-30
Why all the tears? They didn't die -- they turned into trees. Were that we could be so blessed.

Rodents of Unusual Size - 2007-06-30
This is the promo for the last episode:


Kind of foreshadowing.

Pillager - 2010-10-01
Yeah, until they clear the gnome graveyard to make a subdivision.

coprolalia - 2007-06-30
David got out easy. He could have been snatched up by neighborhood teenagers and dropped off a freeway overpass.
kiint - 2007-07-01
The poor fox. Plus, Mister Cunningham.
Namor - 2007-07-01
This was a great show, I didn't see this episode, and it's likely Nickelodian didn't even air it. Touching and classy.
Xiphias - 2007-07-01
I hated this show. It was so boring.
Xiphias - 2007-07-01
You're all faggots, by the way.

Aubrey McFate - 2007-07-01

Rodents of Unusual Size - 2007-07-02

Corman's Inferno - 2007-07-03
This was a good scene, but this show was always incredibly frustrating to me as a kid.

My aunt had the original book the series was based on. It's a pretty well-done parody of field guides to the natural world, discussing the life cycle, diet, breeding habits, etc. of gnomes in a dry, Attenborough-esque manner. The most disturbing part is the section on trolls where, for about five pages, the book suddenly shifts from happy, brightly colored pictures to scenes from an Eli Roth movie, with hairy, drooling trolls biting the gnomes in half, lighting them on fire, and jamming them into a meat grinder feet-first.

The trolls on the show were always something of a letdown.

FABIO2 - 2007-07-14
Xiphias is correct. I wanted to be a veterinarian SO BADLY as a kid, yet this show managed to turn my love into tears of boredom.

Merzbau - 2007-07-02
Automatic five stars for a show that dared assume kids had functioning brains. Classy.
zurvan - 2007-07-02
What else can be said.
jihadbaby - 2007-07-03
Bah, in Italy TV censorship was virtually non-existant back in the 80s, I learned about death by watching Fist of the North Star, and it was exploding heads, not some gay trees.
Eroticus E - 2007-08-13
You are totally bad ass, sir. I wish I had watched more Japanese cartoons as a kid.

Quad9Damage - 2007-07-03
According to the episode description TV.com, David and his wife got turned into trees because of an 'evil witch'.

I seriously doubt that's what really happened, but... can somebody clarify this?
Cube - 2007-07-06
Trees are dead gnomes? Ewwwww! I've climbed on them!
Hooper_X - 2007-07-16
HAHAHAHAHA oh man seriously? THAT'S how that show ended? Jesus christ, that's ridiculous.
Spit Spingola - 2007-09-27
I am seconding the comment that said fuck this boring shit. I hated having to watch this as a kid. It was like being tortured. +1 star because I had no idea this goddamn gnome died at the end.
brainbroke - 2009-04-04
I don't understand the comments on how boring the show was. Yes it was slow paced, but it wasn't that boring.
This is sad, though. Poor Swift.
Old_Zircon - 2013-06-30
I never really watched the show as a kid, but I LOVED the two original Gnome books.
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