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Category:Humor, Business
Tags:idiot, money, eBay, iphone, Marges Pink Jacket
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Comment count is 18
They should have shown her getting pwned though.
I was curious why they cut away from the payoff, but I imagine because it was 30 minutes of profanity.

C. Eloi Marx
I love the fact she didn't have a clue that it would be one per customer, just like the PS2, Xbox 360, PS3, Wii every other major consumer electronics launch in recent memory.
I hate all these people.
It's like the special news report about the idiot who got screwed out of being a huge, e-bay mark-up jerk.

She might not have known about the limit, but I guarantee the camera crew that followed her around did.

This is almost enjoyable as watching her get mugged, although not quite.
I would have liked to seen her get mugged, what kind of idiot walks around flashing ,000 in cash? She's the epitome of the saying "More money than brains."

So glad to know I wasn't the only one practically yelling "MUG HER! MUUUUUUUG HER!" at the screen.

Frank Rizzo
"It's like the special news report about the idiot who got screwed out of being a huge, e-bay mark-up jerk."

oooo.... anyone have a link? This vidjoe doesnt sound familiar.

Frank Rizzo just said "vidjoe".

Frank Rizzo
I'm happy for that kid. Similar thing happened to my brother for the Xbox 360 launch.
Brilliant! Good on ya, kid!
He should have gotten more from her.

Also, it's funny that iPhone supplies aren't nearly so limited as people were expecting anyway. AT&T stores sold out pretty quickly but Apple stores have a hell of a lot of stock.
Simian Pride
Ah, schadenfreude!
Needs a "why the terrorists hate us" tag just for the smug look of a woman in a giant SUV spending 0,000 on phones.
This was mean-spirited delight at its finest. Fuck that fat whore, and good on AT&T for setting a limit.
Caminante Nocturno
Ha, ha, ha. You bitch.
If a woman with that look on that face offered
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