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Desc:Mutuelle dentaire
Category:Classic TV Clips, Humor
Tags:Simpsons, french, homer, lisa needs braces, dental plan
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Comment count is 23
To the relief of many, I can't seem to find any more of these. Though I may be able to get Canadian French.
I got Italian, it's been in the hopper for over a week now, with passing grades. Should be here soon...
Hugo Gorilla
So far French Homer sounds the most like American Homer.
I'm looking for the Bushman version.

Lisa *click click* mbwaga!
Marge seems always to be the toughest nut for voice actors.
Herr Matthias
You're not kidding. French Marge apparently has a four-pack-a-day smoking habit.

doc duodenum
The show is banned in China. So much for a Cantonese or Mandarin version.
Mandarin is spoken in Taiwan and Singapore as official languages. Don't stop searching!

But unless it's not banned in Hong Kong, too, then my dreams of seeing this in Cantonese are dead.

Shaft Among the Jews
There's a Mandarin version in Taiwan (Singapore uses the English version). AFAIK it's only ever been shown in English in Hong Kong.

But what we REALLY should be looking for is the Arabic version.

Gummy Joe's name in this one is actually "Completely Average 60 Year Old Frenchman"
Caminante Nocturno
Eventually, we're going to have to start a fund to have this dubbed in every other language known to man.
Unmerciful Crushing Force
Hey, it's working for the Jesus film project.

I 3/4-jokingly hope that, in the far distant future, this will become the new Rosetta Stone.

And while I'm replying to Caminante, let's get cracking on a Japanese version. Random katakana searches get me nothing.

French Homer sounds a lot like American Homer
Isa-lay eeds-nay aces-bray.

I guess they saw Marge's hair and told the actress that Homer is married to an unkillable demon from the lowest sewers of hell.
This is the only one where Homer sounds like Homer. French Marge is terrifying.

Or whatever the fuck he was saying god french is the hardest language to translate just from conversation. I can sit here and make up romanji all day from japanese, which I know not a word of, but still have issues with A LES and ALLEZ after 3 years of HS french
French Lenny sounds like a robot with a broken voice speaker. French Marge scares me and will probably die of emphasima soon. French Homer is spot-on.
Rodents of Unusual Size
French Marge sounds crazy and homeless. And therefore awesome.
My dream team so far:
Mexican Lenny ("Plan Dental!")
German Marge ("Lisa braucht Zahnspangen")
French Homer ("Merci!")
German extra ("Boing!")
But Gummy Joe has to still be the American version.
Oh, and five stars as well.

There is no Arabic version of "Lisa needs braces" readily available on-line. I did post a random Al-Shamshoon (The Simpsons) episode to the hopper several days ago but it was rapidly voted down into oblivion.
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