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Desc:Incredibly insane, not least of all because his grandpa is a regular ol' dude.
Category:News & Politics, Pets & Animals
Tags:insanity, Israel, Palestine, farfour, why we hate the terrorists?
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Comment count is 32
Wait... the filthy criminal plundering terrorist Jews didn't kill your Grandpa, he died because he was tired. He said that during his oddly expositional demise. "I am very tired. I feel I am about to die. [Fall on rock]" You were there. We just watched that. It was thirty seconds ago.
Maybe it was his other grandpa, the one that was actually a mouse?

And farfour ain't dead, he's in prison, as shown briefly on screen before they cut to the little girl trying to convince us he's dead. Farfour lives on.

The Jews stole his health with their Jew-rays, of course. Duh.

No. Obviously the Jews STOLE HIS DEATH.

this video is like some next level shit
Sean Robinson
I don't quite get the imagery - presumably Mickey is America, right?

Also, I didn't know Jews came in awesome Miami Vice drug baron flavour.
Caminante Nocturno
Man, I don't even know what to say about this. Every word or phrase I try to form just ends up turning into a form of awed silence.
You see, if this was American propaganda, there would've been a gas truck blowing up into a huge fireball, Jerry Bruckheimer style with epileptic editing and a blazin' soundtrack.

"They took his key and documents. Now it's payback time."

"One mouse. One way out. Rated R."

Money for land you never even owned in the first place? Hell, if it were me, I wouldn't even do that; I'd just take the key from him to make him shut up. I dunno what your problem is Farfour, you have a good thing going here. Tell your grandpa to go to Hell and take the money. Those filthy, criminal, plundering Jews are alright!
Jimmy Labatt
Speechless over here
Since when did land have a key to it?
Awesome, I saw the story on BBC news, but couldn't find it on Youtube.
doc duodenum
I guess this show wasn't getting the ratings they had expected.
Well, consider me fucking blown away. Everything about this is so utterly inconceivable that it took me a few minutes to realize it was not a tasteless joke but actual propaganda.
Sometimes, the English language feels woefully shirt on adjectives. This is one of those times.
Man, Farfour wasn't really what I was looking for in a martyr anyway. If is voice were an octave lower and if maybe his family lineage were actually mice or something.
Don't tell Philippe.
He Will Be Missed.
Rodents of Unusual Size
Coming soon: a strangely familiar duck with a militant Navy past has communication problems.
Why is his Grandpa, a human and he's a big ass moise?
Was he adopted or something?
Mayberry Pancakes
I saw a kids' show in Arabic class that had Sesame Street-type creatures singing a song about Israeli blood running through the streets of Jerusalem. This is pretty par for the course.
Pie Boy
When Palestinian freedom fighters get totally baked and watch Sesame Street reruns, this is the result.
Princess v2.1
This is the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen
j lzrd / swift idiot
Seriously, can we just team up with the Russians and build like, sixteen 100 megaton XL-Tsar Bombas and drop them all on both sides of this centuries-old slap-fight? I mean, if this clip shows us anything, it's in the best interests of the children.
If we'd wiped the middle east off the map a few decades ago, I never would have existed. So go fuck yourself.

You know, "Farfours fathers and fore-fathers fought filthy jews" makes a great tounge-twister.
i like the direction they're taking with the new kingdom hearts title.
I think the little girl is like the female/Islam equivalent of Malachi from Children of the Corn.

The people who made this are dead. Fucking. Serious.
So we're supposed to sympathize with the Israelis in this, right?

I mean they did rid the world of that horrible, screeching mouse-human abomination
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