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Desc:59 Midwestern U.S. delicacies...on a stick.
Category:Humor, Horror
Tags:minneapolis, minnesota, state fair, on a stick, deep-fried
Submitted:helicopter cats
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Comment count is 16
God Bless America! Very appropriate for the 4th of July, it makes my heart swell with patriotic joy.
Awesome, I heard about macaroni & cheese on a stick last year. Now I get to see it.
Phallic symbol at -4:00

it's a video rolled in phallic, dipped in phallic, sprinkled with phallic, and then deep fried

Spaghetti on a stick? Jesus, what's next, soup on a stick?
I'm boggling at how the hell they managed Hotdish On A Stick---the final logical conclusion to ALL Minnesota cooking.

Soup on a stick already exists. I am enjoying it now. All I needed was a can of Campbell's, some toothpicks, a freezer and an ice cube tray.

US Patent #3,930,272.

Please add "why the terrorists hate us" tag.
Rodents of Unusual Size
Either that or "why terrorists pity us". Especially the deep fried candy bars, what the hell is wrong with those people?

Scotland pioneered the deep fried Mars bar but it took American ingenuity to put it on a goddamn stick

I pity the poor countries that have not yet put all their comestibles on a stick. God Bless America.
Pork chop on a stick at the MN fair is AWESOME.
Do they have non-veggie fries in MN? This video made me smell funnel cakes in my office, I think I'm going to be sick.
This would have worked better, to me, if it had started with your bog-standard cotton candy and caramel apples, then worked up to the kebabs and meats, before ending in a crescendo of deep-fried candy bars and god damn spaghetti on a fucking stick.
dr tits
this would have worked better, to me, had i not watched it any of it...

i used to work with this guy at a restaurant
who wanted to have his own place where the concept was
"everything as big as your head, on a stick"

...his pancakes weren't very successful.

The stick industry must be BOOMING!
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