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Desc:Most of the ways you can die in this sadistically hard game
Category:Video Games
Tags:death, Xbox Live, classic games
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Comment count is 9
Spit Spingola
This game was cool looking but goddamn I can't believe anyone ever beat it.
Herr Matthias
I beat it...with a Nintendo Power walkthrough.

It's not that hard, you just have to play through each scene a billion times and keep track of all the ways you can die. It's also not a very long game, so if you know the whole way through you can actually beat it in just a few minutes.

Caminante Nocturno
This game had no redeeming qualities whatsoever.
What are you talking about? It was one of the most unique games released at that point. The art style is amazing.

I recently beat it in a single night. It's not that hard.

Unique for a scroller but it look really frustrating.
I started playing video games 22 years ago. I think most games are shit. This is one of those games I still remember as being memorable, fun, and with an involving story. I usually don't vote on this kind of crap, but yeah, this was very very good.
Forgot all about the part with the big, T-shaped rock and it got to be an awesome little Wile E. Coyote moment all over again.

A kettle of cocks for trying to be "funny" with those retarded captions though.

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