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Desc:Fox News delves into the hidden dangers of national health care. TERRORISTS!!! BUREAUCRACY!!
Category:News & Politics
Tags:news, fox, lies, terrorism, socialist nightmare
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Comment count is 44
Seems pretty fair & balanced to me. He did have the decency to clarify that he simply hates Muslims, not necessarily all darkies.
Caminante Nocturno
The train of logic necessary to come to this sort of conclusion must look like a wide-awake nightmare.
"One of the potential consequences, without judging universal health care one way or the other,...."

I guess it's an improvement that Muslims have been promoted from "cave dwelling troglodytes" to "devious trickster physicians"?
they're gonna implant you with a Kidney or Liver bomb

did they just show mammogram footage?
Of course, it's a booby trap.

We should privatize the police department before it turns into a big terrorist training camp!
Consider yourself motherfucking bulbed.

You see? National health care will doom America! Sure, it'll save countless lives, but look at the price they paid in Scotland. Thousands were killed! And by "thousands" I mean "no one." Though one of those criminal genius doctors did manage to set himself on fire.

Someday we will reach the point when every single solitary thing Republicans dislike will somehow be rationalized to be helping the terrorists. This will be the only argument they will have. Sadly, it will also be the only argument they will need.

That day will be...last Tuesday. Don't tell me you missed it.
Rodents of Unusual Size
Just so I have this right, if the national government were to have MORE control over healthcare, doctors would slip through the cracks and be more invisible, especially the ones who might be Muslim terrorists. Did...did I get that right guys? Also, Fox News is right. Muslims are just oddities. Almost like midgets. A little bit between midgets and human werewolves with the face hair.
So far into the realm of self-parody that I am in awe.
Holy shit.



Nothing hurts America like minority children not dying from abscessed teeth.


Never Forget!
Watching this video is like finding thousands upon thousands of prom-night conceptions abandoned in the same dumpster. It fills me with sorrow the way frat boys "fill" the unlucky co-ed who passed out in one of the "bros' " rooms. It dissolves my dream of continued, viable representative government like a fly vomits corrosive enzymes on the stray chocolate smears of a Snickers wrapper.

Exegesis was waiting for the perfect opportunity to spring his brilliant frat boy rape metaphor, then got tired of waiting and figured a story on national health care was close enough.

Aubrey McFate
God FABIO, go play a video game or something.


This is not a Right perspective. It's not Left. It's not Liberal or Conservative. It's not Democrat or Republican. What...what is this exactly? Did the Moonies suggest this? Scientologists or something?
You think about your doctor, I'll think about my doctor.

He's obviously in love with his doctor.

No one with legitimate credentials would be a frequent commentator for Fox News. This leaves crazy people, mostly. Crazy people and the mentally challenged. And sometimes mentally challenged crazy people. And sometimes a crazy fucking idiot slips through.
I just watched this for the fourth time and I'm still wondering how this shit got aired, even in a shitty news channel like this one.


This whole 'Muslim Terrorist Doctor' debacle has blown my mind in so many ways
Huh? Whaaaat?
Beware of invisible doctors!
Socialized health care is a series of tubes
Will I present the debate on socialized healthcare in a sane and reasonable manner? NO, NO I WILL NOT!

Sudan no1
The goverment calls it 'socialist medicine', but we have a more alarmist name for it -- THE KILL-BOT FACTORY
It wouldn't surprise me at all if a bunch of fanatical Muslims put a TV show together called "Those Nutty Infidels!" that just showed clips like this one with wacky music and sound effects behind them for 30 minutes to an hour.
I was thinking the "Benny Hill" music featuring a caricature of someone chasing after their insurance company for some straight answers.

Thank GOD that corporations aren't bureaucratic at all. Plus, nobody is more convincing than a fatbeardo with a bottle-blonde bowlcut. Nobody.
Mike Tyson?!
Is this was it looks like in Enjoy's head?
Is it wrong that whenever I watch Fox News I want the terrorists to win just a little bit more?
Aubrey McFate
I honestly wonder if anything goes on in Cavuto's head anymore. I think he's been running on fumes for a few years now.
More reasons to stay at home and pray to GOD to heal your diseases.
I think blondie should spike his hair then he'd look even...well he'd look even more something.
Wow. As someone who isn't a fan of the idea of Universal Healthcare, let me thank you, Neil Cavuto and Fox News, for making all of us look crazy.
Jack Kinoff
Oh. My. God.
If only there were a television station that broadcast this kind of stuff day and night, there would be no need for portal of evil to even exist.

This is perhaps the stupidest thing I've ever heard out of the right. My brain just itches now. A few points-
1. Doctors are not any more likely to be terrorists than any other group of professionals.
2. Why would having socialized health care result in us having more doctors? As I understand it, the reason why countries with universal health care have doctor shortages is because they pay doctors less there, so those doctors move to countries like the US where they can make more money. In any case, having less doctors is a BAD thing, not a GOOD thing.
3. Generally, the health care I get now usually involves more paperwork and dealing with bureaucracy than, say, doing my taxes. A single payer system would likely be much less complicated.
4. The ineffectiveness of government bodies at stopping 9/11, etc. is an argument for more government regulation, not less. It's like saying 'The INS hasn't been able to stop illegal immigration, so let's get rid of the INS.'
5. An evil muslim doctor in rural Kansas is not any less noticeable when he is paid by taxes rather than an HMO.
6. I think my favorite stupid idea is that you would be more likely to report a suspicious sand nigger if he is your partner in a private practice because him blowing himself up in a kindergarten might mess up your career.

AHHHHHHHGGFDHGGHH How can they get away with saying this shit on television? You should be expected to commit ritual suicide after uttering something this retarded.
The odds of dying to a terrorist attack vs the odds of dying to inadequate health care coverage.....
You win at comments

It all makes sense when you ask "What are the odds of Neil Cavuto and other highly compensated Fox anchors dying of inadequate health care coverage."

He does have a point with the anonymity thing. I'm Canadian, and we keep out doctors in separate pods. Oh, shit... come to think of it, my doctor IS a Muslim! Do you think those pills she gave me will turn me gay?
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