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Desc:Reporter asks if wrestling is fake, and gets smacked up good for asking a dumb question!
Category:Sports, Humor
Tags:Slap, wrestling, Reporter
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Comment count is 14
Wrestlers are intelligent people.
That's the reason you ain't in it.

Sean Robinson
In a stunning parallel, Schultz maintained that he was told to hit Stossel (the reporter) by WWE officials, just as Chris Benoit's suicide note was cosigned by Vince McMahon and detailed how the murder of his wife and child was part of an elaborate WWE effort to prove that wrestling is built on a backbone of reality.

I would five-starred this video if it was a photo of horribly diseased balls.

Slapped by a man in lycra underwear.
Honest Abe
that's not just any reporter, that's the stache, john stossel
This, right here, is why we never got to see a real resolution to the promo in which Schultz called Hogan a San Francisco WUHMUN.
YES! YES! YES! I have wanted to do the EXACT SAME THING to John Stossel FOREVER. I've watched this clip about eight times now. Yes, hit weasely, snide, talk-down-to-everyone, conservative mustache boy again, big man!
B. Weed
Huh. I remember seeing this clip when it first aired-- and for all these years I thought it was Geraldo Rivera getting bitchslapped.
I was hoping this would be the incident where Vader slugged the Kuwaiti reporter for asking that same question.

Also, a news story on wrestling being fake? Who thought that was a good idea? It's not like everyone didn't know that by then anyway. Now, if he'd done a report on how all of them were on drugs, maybe he could have made a difference later.

He didn't hit Stossel because it was a dumb question. That guy was ready to snap from the moment the interview started.
Frank Rizzo
i love wrestling.
Okay, that was completely fuck awesome.
John Stossel should be locked in a cage match with 20 wrestlers on critical-mass roid rage ALL THE TIME.
I'm pretty sure this has been uploaded before, but I DO NOT FUCKING CARE.

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