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Desc:Shenmue is the greatest and gayest videogame of all time
Category:Video Games, Humor
Tags:Japan, gay, Dreamcast, shenmue, I see
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Thatcher Pennywhistle
Hey. Ryo. Time for another. Forklift race, hey.
On the last level, Ryo Hazuki gets his wish and is gangbanged by about 100 guys. It's fabulous.
I must avenge my father. Oh hello kitten how are you doing today. I must avenge my father. Do you know where I can see tattoos? I must avenge my father. I must avenge my father.
Let's get sweaty.
Try! My homemade PICKLES?!
By the way, I spent a hundred bucks to import the sequel, and there is not a single goddamn sailor in the whole thing. And you have to blow dust off old books, which is worse than driving the forklift.
Lots of hairy dockers, though. And the King of the Yellow Head and his transvestite boyfriend.

So, what happens in the sequel? They kill his father again?

Nothing gets resolved, which is why there needs to be a part 3. But you do learn to knock leaves off a tree with tai chi.

you fight a transvestite with a chainsaw, and then kick a fat man in the belly and he falls off the roof of a skyscraper.

I remember two things about this game. Asking about sailors was one. The other was spending several real-life hours trying to find Warehouse Number Eight, only to find it and discover that I needed to find OLD Warehouse Number Eight.
Every time i remember the good things about this game all the bad things (which are many) drown anything good.
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