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Desc:Appears to be a CGI Batman student film. With the voices of Adam West and Mark Hamill. Weird.
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Short Films
Tags:batman, Adam West, lego, Dick Van Dyke, mark hamill
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From what I can tell, a lot of big names in voice acting seem to love to make themselves available for student films, judging by the big-name talent which ends up on a lot of independent cartoons.

The URL in the watermark points to a school run by Universal Studios, so it could be that the best student films get real voice acting talent. Also, judging by the production values on this short it was certainly a major group effort.
Yep, more information at http://www.daveschool.com/movies/batman/

No! They're all Legos! It's happening again, the same thing happened with Star Wars!
They ARE all legos!

Rodents of Unusual Size
Hey, bats aren't rodents! Also, seeing Adam West and Mark Hamill appear in the same batman anything is just pure unfettered fanboy goodness.
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