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Desc:Well it's more like a short. And I do mean short. It's from 1888.
Category:Classic Movies, Short Films
Tags:classic, short, history of film, people back in the day would be mortified if they
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Comment count is 13
These people had no concept of airplanes.
Or the Eiffel Tower which was unveiled a year later

they're all dead

the Spanish-American War would not happen for ten more years

A group of English merchants gains the right to trade in Ottoman territory in return for supplying the sultan with iron, steel, brass and tin for his war with Persia.

Dupe, but this version is embedded at least.

It's refreshing to see how, back in those days, without the overproduction that now permeates the whole industry, they were able to create such visionary art, the scope and message of which was not driven home with a hammer, but rather left open for the viewer to interpret all its nuances and subtleties.
This was better than Transformers.
A remake is scheduled for 2008, starring Bruce Willis as "Mr Fancywalk".
Unmerciful Crushing Force
This is how they used the make movies. No long, overly convoluted storylines. No need to have your escapist fantasy last four hours in a vain effort to make it High Art. Just straight, simple and to-the-point.

And to boot, some of the youtube comments are surprisingly non-stupid.
The 2-disc Extended Unrated cut is coming to DVD soon. Will feature almost 2 hours of deleted footage cut back into the film, and the original, quite controversial, piss-drinking scene will be restored from a master print.
new CG effects will be used for the dog invasion sequence according to detailed notes left by the director.
The original, lost soundtrack, is being replaced by an all-new soundtrack composed by The Mars Volta and an additional commentary track by the Mars Volta (which will actually be 2 hours longer than the film itself) will be included.

So am I the only one that would fuck the living hell out of that hottie in the background?
Rodents of Unusual Size
Now? She's a bit old for you.

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