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Desc:I don't know metal, but I know what I like. Read the comments page for bonus humor.
Category:Music Videos, Horror
Tags:Cthulhu, Lovecraft, Cradle of Filth, tr00 metal
Submitted:William Burns
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Comment count is 12
Frank Rizzo - 2007-07-18
all I see is emo. Emo's, the most pathetic of people.
onemorepanic - 2007-07-19
Worse than the blacks who steal your air?


And yeah Cradle of Filth is pretty retarded.

Frank Rizzo - 2007-07-21
beyond worse.

Billy the Poet - 2007-07-19
There's a fine line between brilliant and stupid.
karl hungus - 2007-07-19
oh man, these guys are utter shit. why do they have so many fans?
EvilHomer - 2007-07-19
Man, first they were black metal trying to be goth, then they were goths trying to be black metal, now they're emo? Philistines.

Loses a star for Dani's voice going. He's usually so shrill he makes King Diamond look like Barry White; this is not one of his better performances.
dr_rock - 2007-07-20
This is officially the worst band I've ever heard.
laurentauren - 2007-07-29
I have a cousin who is all goth and/or emo and really likes them. I remember her showing me a music video of them, but they had a blond woman singing lead. She reminded me of Madonna in the eighties. It wasn't bad. This, on the other hand, total crap.
Anti-Pope - 2008-03-08
My comment was supposed to be a response to you.

x - 2007-12-28
Bravely rated and reviewed, ryanowens.
Anti-Pope - 2008-03-08
That was BLONDIE he was doing a duet with.

EvilHomer is right his voice was gone that night.
leifthorrsman - 2008-10-17
Yeah, they suck. But they did have one good album, which this song comes off of. Midian is the one and only Cradle album that I can say is good.

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