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Desc:Part of one of the best series ever!!! No, Really!
Category:Classic Movies, Horror
Tags:ninjas, kicked, lone wolf, cub, asses
Submitted:Michael Houser
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Comment count is 16
the only manga i've read to entirety. totally worth the read, and the movies ain't bad either!
Flute of the Fallen Tiger, first story in Vol. 3 of the Dark Horse edition.

But honestly, this is ridiculous. And the guy playing Itto is a fatty who runs like a girl.

when you encounter the buddha, kill the buddha

Amazing movies. Ignore Shogun Assassin.
Better than any hollywood action movie. One of my favorite movies.
Forgot rating... also... Here is a link to watch the whole movie:

http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.individual&v ideoid=2807140

That was some silly shit
The only good part is where the body rolling down the hill kips up when it hits the sword in its gut.
Fat face, unremarkable choreography
The hero is ugly! There is no crazy wire-guided
flying-through-the-air fight scenes!

Fuck you. It's people like you that are the reason behind so many shitty hollywood action movies.

Guy's a pussy compared to Sanjuro. His fights are less awesome, too.
The dude sprays a gallon of red paint out of his neck and you're gonna give it less than 4 stars? Bogus!

Lone Wolf and Cub is amazing.
Michael Houser
The Lone Wolf and Cub series is seminal, bloody and hideous and outrageous and sometimes bee-u-tiful! You cannot deny its power!!! The manga is better, of course, but the movies do okay!!!
It's what mother and daughter are watching near the end of Kill Bill 2, before she wipes out David Carradine; its an obvious favorite of Wu Tang Clan.
When I was reading 'The Road', I kept thinking of Lone Wolf and Cub, but admittedly that's a stretch.
And, of course, the Lords of Death in this scene were an OBVIOUS inspiration for the three main ass-kickers in Big Trouble in Little China, though Carpenter turned them Chinese.
So detractors -- please to lick my balls!
Pie Boy
Which means that by extension Lone Wolf gave us Rayden in Mortal Kombat.

High blood pressure appears to be an epidemic among the Japanese.
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