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Desc:Want to get banned from Saturday Night Live? Here's how! This is still awesome.
Category:Music Videos, Classic TV Clips
Tags:New Wave, Elvis Costello, saturday night live, totally awesome
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damnit. i fail at search operations.

Billy Buttsex
elvis costello fucking sucks

I don't give a fuck if it's a dupe, Elvis is a cool motherfucker. Too bad I had to get so old to appreciate him.
Dupe or not, there's just something for the ages in having Mr. McManus singing "I wanna bite the hand that feeds me" while a furious Lorne Michaels is just off-camera, being held back by crew members...
enki don't
Some clips are acceptable to dupe.

I don't get it.
see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Radio_Radio_(song) for the background.
Sean Robinson
It goes to show, even if you do have pretty good drug addictions, you can still put on a tie and keep your hair short and combed.
Extra wackiness---they're on here as a last-minute replacement for the Sex Pistols, hence the drummer's "THANKS MALC!" t-shirt.

Learn something everyday. I've seen this episode of SNL a dozen times and just figured that this was just some ham-handed attempt by Costello at humor, as the guest bands did occasionally try to be "funny" just like the cast. I didn't know there was a story behind it.
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