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Desc:Commercial from 1990. The height of mania for crappy Simpsons merchandise.
Category:Classic TV Clips
Tags:Simpsons, commercial, catchphrase
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Comment count is 18
The combination of awful impressions and awfuler humor makes this worth a watch.
The 4 nanoseconds I was considered cool came about from a junior high Bartman t-shirt. MAX STARS
alas i was cool too with said shirt. then i ripped it climbing over a fence and never wore it again and have been scarred (emotionally) since :(

My mom wouldn't buy me one :-(
The closing punchline is amazingtrocious.
Operation Cornflakes
My god, did we really fall for this crap?
I remember Hills!
Killer Joe
They don't have a bird.
It died. Were you listening?

I remember when every kid in school had one of these.

Also wow, .00 for a shirt? Does that even happen anymore for anything other than maybe generic one color t-shirts?
So do I!

Remember when people decided the Underachiever shirt was to be the downfall of a generation?
The internet probably knocked those people the fuck out when it appeared.

why would the simpsons wear t-shirts of themselves?
Hugo Gorilla
The commercial's Homer sounds more like Alf.
Testicles of Doom

It figures.
doc duodenum
I had one with a picture of Homer in his underwear. I wore it until the paint wore off.
Mine said "I'm Bartholomew J. Simpson."
I thought it was great because 'bartholomew' is a funny word. I didn't realise that 'Bart' was short for anything. I was six years old.
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