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Desc:Finnish powermetal band. Off of the Visions LP
Category:Music Videos
Tags:metal, powermetal, guitars, stratovarius
Submitted:Jimmy Labatt
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Comment count is 12

I just can't believe people listen to this on purpose.

Jimmy Labatt
That's fine, you are welcome to your opinion. I was just unclear on the whole 'blug' thing.

It's a general sound that denotes disgust.

Ahhh, you horrible, horrible Grinches. The harpsichords! The hair! The eunuch vocals! The guitarist who tried killing himself because G-d Himself commanded it! If you can't appreciate Stratovarious, what can you love?!
Jimmy Labatt
They also have the dubious honour of being the physically ugliest metal band on the face of the earth, which is no mean feat (check out the band photos on the Destiny album, assuming you own it).
Nonsense. Timo Tolkki has the prettiest face in the industry... why, if he weren't so manly and intimidating, he'd have millions of women falling at his feet. As it is, he has to make do with mere hundreds of thousands.


Jimmy Labatt
Thank you that is my new wallpaper

And his chiseled good looks are only the icing on the cake! He may look like just another pretty face for the young girls to go wild over, but beneath the square jaw (?) and strapping Nordic physique beats the heart of poet and the mind of a genius. Truly, a Man for PoE!

http://www.altnation.com/forums/extreme-metal/47097-timo-tolkk i-stratovarius-goes-mental.html

"In Metal, Timo Tolkki"

Jimmy Labatt
Oh. My. God.

Anything Stratovarius can do Sonata Arctica can do a hundred times better.

Also, I am pretty sure Symphony X is uglier than them.
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