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Desc:Classic NWOBHM. Metallica were heavily influenced by these guys.
Category:Music Videos
Tags:metal, 80s, nwobhm
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Comment count is 11
Minus a point for mentioning Metallica. Locals don't take kindly to Metallica 'round these parts.
minus twenty million points for being metal.
Still, starting off with twenty million and one points isn't too bad.

Nah, my vote is just truncated.

"Metal in the air tonight, can you hear it call? If you ain't got the balls to take it you can LEAVE THE HALL!"

Honest Abe
shuuuuuuuuuuuuuut uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuup

Ah, so it was twenty five million, lost twenty million, and the five million remaining got rounded down to one? Funny, should have been five stars in that case... maybe a bug in the voting process?
All videos start as fives, and then are reduced based on the quantity of suck within.

Unfortunately, the minimum vote is a one, so videos that suck extremely cannot have the depth of their suckitude accurately captured as their intense negative "true" vote is truncated.

Can we have Frank Rizzo back, this guy is just fucking boring, at least Frank's trolls are kind of funny.

Syd Midnight
Hey, this was pretty cool way back then.
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