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Desc:I wasn't sure if I should submit more of this travesty. But then I found this.
Tags:lotr, musicals, taking things too far, theater fags, Of course theres a musical
Submitted:Rodents of Unusual Size
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Comment count is 11
For something this highly anticipated and expensive it sure does suck, I'd be embarrased to be associated with it if I were involved in any aspect.
"Actors and actresses" will do damn near anything if it involves even a glimmer of hope of reaching their pie-in-the-sky dreams of stardom. ANYTHING.
Keep in mind that this is the climax to the entire story.
So...a red gel light in the floor is supposed to be Mt. Doom?
Rodents of Unusual Size
My favorite part is the fact that they're singing while Gollum is falling to his death.
Who is that woman?
If this had been the song from the Rankin/Bass "Return of the King" it would have been awesome.
Pie Boy
Faith in humanity's future down about 500%.
It was worse live.

I saw this one live, fully expecting it to be a fiasco. The sad part was, it wasn't - it was just boring and mediocre, like some demented Christmas pageant where Jesus gets flung into a volcano at the end.
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