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Desc:Kitten needs sleep...
Category:Pets & Animals, Humor
Tags:kitten, sleep, those claws will hurt later
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Comment count is 34
Caminante Nocturno
Kitty cat didn't feel like doing much else.
The kitten wakes up when his claws detach and he falls over

I want to see him do that for hours (AND I JUST MIGHT)
Frank Rizzo
I wish to squeeze tis kittens face with adorable.
In all my years of being around kitties, I've never heard it referred to as "making biscuits". Huh.


But will it blend?
Awwwww, he's still a newbie at sleep.

You'll learn, kiddo, you'll learn.
neat, another sleepy kitten. my crusade continues.
Neat, another annoying HURRRR KITTENS fag. My crusade continues.

to what? call me names? i just don't think that any video that features a kitten doing just ANYTHING qualifies as for a five star rating. i'm just balancing out the tastless idiots.

You are a tasteless idiot for giving this one star, TinManic. So you ain't balancing out shit.

Awwww. The cuteness.
I fall asleep like this every night.
Sean Robinson
I have a weird feeling that there is a generation of people who, once they figure out how to get their genitals to work without the involvement of cartoons, are going to have like 6 kids each.

This is the product of the aesthetic of plastic and also the national psychic trauma of the 9/11 attacks.
Um I think you're overanalyzing there. There are probably plenty of people like you're referring to out there somewhere. But poeTV strikes me more as a community of sarcastic possibly even demented people who just have a soft spot for kittens.

As said type of person let me add: Awwwwww. I hate my apartment and its no pet policy, else I'd fill my place with kittens.

Sean Robinson
You're going to have 12 children and they are all going to be so fucking fat.

Yes Sean, you figured it out, this is WHY THE TERRORISTS HATE US.

Sean Robinson
That's a strange response response to what I said, one that would seem to indicate all sorts of survivor's guilt.

Operation Cornflakes
Kittens were, and always will be, cute.

Sean Robinson
So will the fifteen infants you will spew forth, until you realise that you have no earthly way of feeding them.

Caminante Nocturno
I think you meant this to be a review for another video but you're too proud to admit it.

I think somebody read a pamphlet handed to them at a hippie rally. I'm sterile from working with x-ray machines before you start on that inane rant of yours.

Judging by the size of those paws, that's going to be one huge-ass cat when it grows up.
Shut up, Sean.
Michael Houser
(didn't load)

I want to force feed you your own genitalia

Sean Robinson
I bet the cat is totally going to be hurt by anyone who doesn't give this video 5 stars. He's going to be hitting refresh and refresh, just looking for validation and then BAM - someone inexplicably gives him a single star and it absolutely destroys him.

The girl in the video finds him the next day, swaying back and forth in the breeze, the chair knocked out from beneath him, the rope around his neck tied with surprising dexterity.

And so senselessly, because who would ever watch a clip on this site if they didn't think every single one was completely awesome?

A Jumping Spider!
The title led me to believe the kitten would be farting in its sleep.
The kitten is not baking brownies.

Extra star for the calming effect it has after watching the "anti-abortion" vid.
doc duodenum
Unless the cat is farting, I see no point to this.
Am I the only one who understands how ratings are supposed to work? You honestly rate how much you enjoyed the video, not how much you think it will take to bump the video to the rating YOU think it deserves.

There are stars in between one and five.
elm axo
'oh man im tired... im so tired.....I.....OH MAN WHAT THE FUCK!'
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