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Desc:A brief history of America.
Category:Music Videos, Humor
Tags:bears, brad neely, america, Lincoln, kennedy
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Comment count is 14
I can't believe Douglas ended up beating Lincoln in the election. You'd think "LINCOLN: He can goddamn breathe fire" would be the perfect campaign slogan.
This needs a tag for bears.
My mind is a fucked apart dead thing unless I'm having fun.
This proves you don't always have to understand a thing to like it.
Michael Houser
I continue to extol the virtues of Brad Neely:

Brad Neely is a brave man to submit his genius to the crapsicle 'Super Deluxe' website, where something actually humorous shines like a Carlin/Christ/Manson hybrid-spawn of FUNNYGOD, and where his reward is but the shrill textual pleading of inarticulate fans who demand MORE, MORE, MORE, pecking-away his liver every day as he, Prometheus of Yuks, continues to deliver.
I like turtles.

The soundtrack alone would win this 5 easy stars.

All hail Conqueror Neely.

Nat Turner always seemed like kind of a fucked-up guy to think of as a hero. Anyway, odd for the sake of odd but alright. No Washington or S&G.
Menudo con queso
I would play the fuck out of Nat Turner's Punchout, Nintendo or Playstation. Maybe even a John Brown spinoff game.

So is Lincoln like Gamera and Godzilla? Because that's pretty cool.
I found the story of the bearstronauts to be poignant and moving, almost...bittersweet.
Rodents of Unusual Size
It's like Aeon Flux. But with bears!
Big Muddy
That plays alot like Abe's Odyssey. And then becomes ABE'S GO-KART ADVENTURE!!!!!!!
Brad Neely is so hilarious that it's almost impossible to understand. Seriously, he's like the Rakim of being funny on Internet. What's really great is that American Moments of Maybe isn't even close to his best work, yet it's still powerful enough to change the life of a child.
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