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Desc:I had a boglin. I loved it. My Great Pyrenees chewed it into oblivion.
Tags:toys, puppets, boglins, goblins
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Jeff Fries
Look me in the glow eyes while I rape you
BOGLINS. That's a pretty great name. The kid under the bed bears an uncanny resemblance to his hand puppet.
An attempt to research these things via urban dictionary introduced me to the verb "to bogle": "the act of making love, specifically to make love in the "doggy" style position whilst giving firm slaps on the hind area."
I forgot about these stupid things but instantly recognized this commercial.
Caminante Nocturno
There was something about 80's toys that made dogs love tearing them apart.
These were pretty bad ass. It took real skill to master moving the eyes well while making it talk.
Oh christ, I had one of those. Chances are I would have never remembered that if not for this post.
That girl was playing with a shoe.

Girls play with shoes. Boys play with boglins.

I really wanted one as a kid but we were too poor.

Also, I love the white kid terrorizing the fat ethnic lady.
Mother Lumper
I still want one to terrorize my cat.
Man I had one of those, maybe a few. Your pyrenees ate it? Mine is so lazy she barely eats food.
Another fine entry in the genre of toys that are advertised as being capable of scaring or grossing out everyone you know. See also: creepy crawlers, monster in my pocket, garbage pail kids, countless others.

They are distinguished by the fact that none of them actually work; at most you'll get an obviously fake pity scream from mom. But they were still fun.
Caminante Nocturno
Mad Balls, dude.

The big boglins were pretty cool, The little boglins sucked. They were a great low-budget foam rubber horror puppet thing, reminded me of behind-the-scenes f/x shows at the time. The paint eventually wore off, then it got a hole in it's elbow joint, and I think I eventually threw it out. The toys were cool, but the commercial was definitely stupid.
They definitely remind be of Belial(?) from Basket Case.

I had a couple of the miniature ones and one big one. A few years ago I was visiting my family and discovered them in the basement. The foam latex doesn't age well.
they combined into a single metaboglin

I, oddly enough, had two copies of the Boglin they used as a spokesman. My two uncles used to perform puppet shows with them.
Gay uncles, right?

Spastic Avenger
That age when girls are things to be scared away with latex instead of penetrated with it.
These things smelled horrible.
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