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Desc:Sex in the future is so safe, it's work-safe! Except for an unrelated titty shot, I guess.
Category:Classic Movies, Humor
Tags:Sylvester Stallone, love boat, demolition man, Sandra Bullock, the hunka chunka
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Comment count is 16
NineEleven - 2007-08-09
"Oh sorry, wrong number!"
Mordant - 2007-08-09
Ah yes. Back when Sandra Bullock was hot.

Spartan sure is being a dick about the VR sex though.
KnowFuture - 2007-08-09
I like to think that in real life, sex with Sandra Bullock involves damn near the same speech.

1394 - 2007-08-09
In the future, all restaurants are Taco Bell.
Blamzor - 2007-08-09
Excuse me sir whats your boggle?
Aubrey McFate - 2007-08-09
Sex is VR, but ladies make naked video phone calls? Future women are all cockteases, apparently.
EvilHomer - 2007-08-09
By far the best movie Stallone ever did, and that includes Rambo and Rocky IV.
Steebis - 2007-08-09
The "Hunka Chunka"? Ewww. Stallone's performance is almost as good as his multiple Spy Kids 3D rolls.
Caminante Nocturno - 2007-08-22
The "Hunka Chunka" was banned largely because of UBT.

Camonk - 2007-08-09
Man, Sandra Bullock was hot. In my quiet moments, I sometimes try to remember who was Stallone's hot sidekick in Demolition Man, and I always forget it was Bullock.
Jeff Fries - 2007-08-10
A Hovercar Named Desire
Caminante Nocturno - 2007-08-22
Sandra decided to use the "Disco party Haunted by Ghosts" mod for their VR sex romp.
Afgh - 2007-09-09
All the parts of this movie that aren't action scenes are genuinely good.
Bootymarch - 2012-08-18
But that liquid nitrogen come-around head kick-off was pretty sweet

King of Balls - 2008-04-23
BULLOCK: "I was wondering if you would like to have sex" (shy smile).
D. MAN: "With you."
BULLOCK: "Mm hm."
D. MAN: "Here."
BULLOCK: (Giggle)
D. MAN: "Now?"
BULLOCK: "Mm hm."
D. MAN: "No."

I'm reserving my final star until the time comes that I view this clip and the events unfold as described above.
TinManic - 2008-10-16
and that's what makes you the King of Balls.

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