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Desc:Vintage 1975
Category:Educational, Arts
Tags:tv, technology, 1975, history, betamax
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Comment count is 10
the inherent irony in this being on YouTube is staggering
Ghost people are miserable because they are living life instead of watching TV. But Betamax is here to help by DEFYING TIME ITSELF! And it lives next to a smoke machine in space!
Youtube has Betamax commercials from 10 years later, and they are still floating in outer space.
Caminante Nocturno
Part of the reason Betamax failed is that many people did not feel ready for the responsibilities of being the Controller and Preserver of Time. They felt safer whining about their problems than taking control of their lives through such epic means.
Some people are Time Lords, some people are companions.

And some people get blown up by a Dalek in the first five minutes of the episode.

Oh, man. The dude at 5:23 who has apparently had most of his head taken off by a close-range shotgun blast is freaky.
Billy the Poet
What were you supposed to watch this on?
Big Beef Burritos Supreme
Just above the Earth, between the clouds and space - BETAMAX, THE CONTROLLER OF TIME, and cased in tasteful wood and sold for about 00...
Ok everybody.....say it with me....

Don't forget UMD. Thanks, Sony.

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