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Desc:How to protect yourself from the gaijin menace.
Category:Educational, Humor
Tags:Japan, English, esl
Submitted:Olaf the Unspeakable
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Comment count is 15
Those yuppie muggers alone give this a 5.
LOL... Yeah. Nothing like jumping up and down chanting "spare me my life" to learn english for those times when a crazy old english-speaking bat comes to rape you.
Dupe, ancient, and not that funny.
There is no logic like that of the Japanese.

Let's all work out and sing so we can be mugged more easily and safely!
It's a well known fact that non-whites have no sense of humor and do everything in complete and utter seriousness.

This is new to me and hilarious so it gets 5 stars.

Next segment: Lets paint and exercise and learn English.
Mayberry Pancakes
George Costanza...?
Robin Kestrel
You know, there seems to be an assumption that videos like this that you see from Japan are taken stone-cold seriously by the Japanese themselves. But I'm fairly certain a lot of things like this are parodies that just don't quite cross cultural lines that well.
Begone with your blasted logic, Knuckles. Everyone knows the Japanese have no concept of self-parody or intentional awfulness and take every cheesy anime theme song and Engrish filled commercial with complete and utter seriousness.
Thanks for pointing out their hot shoulders.
its funny but old.
j lzrd / swift idiot
This is news to me. I am laughing!
Hey, I've got the same drum sounds on my Roland R-5 drum machine!
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