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Desc:Don't look now - VAMPIRE LARPERS
Category:Horror, Humor
Tags:LARP, Vampires, larpers, sabbat, goth kids
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Comment count is 15
Ooooh... the attached their real names. That's gonna make it a lot harder to pretend this never existed in ten years.
Oh heavens, who would ever expect to find an ancient cabal of the fashionably undead ensconced in a high school campus? Miss. Higgen's AP english class will never be the same.

Maxine's no Soledad Miranda, that's for sure.
Don't mock what I do on the weekends. :-(
You make shitty Vampire movie trailers in your high school?

And wear Crow makeup, of course.

Innocent Bystander
Stock footage! Elevator punch! Smiling girl trying very hard to look ominous! Theater blood in someones sink! A Benny Hill-esque shot of people running through a cemetary! A very poor Dani Filth impersonator!
I make fun of these dudes but am secretely attracted to some of their goth females. Can I at least trust in the fact that they aren't getting laid?

Also, do you have to dress like a fag to pickup goth chicks or can I approach them at the mall and be all HAY LET ME BUY YOU SOME DIPPIN DOTS BABY I LIKE YOUR FISHNETS AND EYELINER AND LOW SELF RESPECT.
There is nothing vast nor cool about any of the intelligences seen in this clip.

That being said, I would totally bone some goth chicks.

You do not have to be goth to get them. Just be cool and not a fratboy or wigger.

They are also french.
I want to punch them in the face for ripping off the opening dialog of War of the Worlds.
No amount of stars can express what I am feeling right now.

However, 5 stars can express my appreciation for the Benny Hill-esque fast-motion and cloak-nerd-on-a-windy-day at -0:28.
You find yourself exposed to the hateful rays of the sun. Roll your soak vs a Str 5 attack!
Babies Ate My Dingo
The awful, it burns!

If they're doing a low-budget vampire movie, why could they not at least have the decency to film it at night?
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