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Desc:Dweebs play competitive Donkey Kong. Sad all round.
Category:Video Games, Trailers
Tags:Nintendo, video games, nerds, donkey kong, wispy mustaches
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Resubmit:Busby Berkeley

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Comment count is 12
Billy Mitchell is an incredible douchebag. Who honestly thinks being good at Pac-Man will make his name go down in history. Hey, I play a mean game of Soul Calibur but that doesn't make me Louis XIV*

(*it makes me Phillip II of Spain. Check out my fleet, mofos!)
Testicles of Doom
"Billy Mitchell always has a plan"

and that plan is SHAKE THE FRIES.
He's supposedly really well-off.

Heir to a modest fortune or something.

Life is not fair.

I want to see the special edition of this film where someone beats Billy Mitchell's face in with a goddamn croquet mallet. Being really good at Donkey Kong does not warrant that degree of hairogance.
Donkey Kong? Seriously? Hey guys, they make games now that use more than one button. I know, it's brutal.
The best part is where they describe beardo as a winner.
It will never play around here so onto the Netflix list it goes.
Cap'n Profan!ty
This has to be a Christopher Guest production. I can only imagine it working that way.
Jeff Fries
Billy Mitchell = White Goodman after gastric bypass surgery
So I found this and I thought I should share. It's from Joystiq.com's coverage of the recent Xbox 360 Pac-Man World Championships:

"[Mitchell] brought along most of the family, including his wife, one of their daughters, and Billy the Third, who slammed his controller to the ground and stormed off after losing his final life during free-play at the reception following the competition. 'He's got my temper,' grinned Mitchell"

Quality parenting. Billy placed 8th.

Jimmy Labatt
Wait wait back the fuck up. Do you mean to tell me this guy actually got laid?

To those who don't know, Billy Mitchell is a hot sauce magnate.
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