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Desc:Chris makes an uninvited appearance.
Category:Classic TV Clips
Tags:fat, Jimmy Kimmel, chris elliot, Chris Elliott, to catch a predator
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Comment count is 16
Hugo Gorilla
Wow. Chris Elliot has put on the weight.
Mike Tyson?!
Holy shit Chris Elliott got fat.

Poor Chris. I hope they paid him.

he's a talented guy. kinda sucks.
Rodents of Unusual Size
Any actor that is willing to poke fun of himself this well deserves way better.
You guys are acting like this is real. They both were in on it, and its fucking rad.
Herr Matthias
I don't think everyone else is saying "OMG THIS IS TOTALLY REAL", they're saying "Chris Elliott is getting fat and hasn't had much of a career despite that he deserves better".

Ah. gotcha - now in the clear morning light I have no idea how I could have interpreted it that way.

He did intentionally drop out of the industry from what I understand.

He wrote a novel that I don't think did very well.
He wrote two novels. Both of them awesome.

Chris Elliott and Norm MacDonald are probably in the top five of SNL's entire history, and both have been so criminally overlooked.

chris elliott rocks your every orifice!
I'm real sorry you got fatted up, Chris.
chris elliott is one of the funniest men alive
so amazingly fat
I thought for sure he was wearing pillows under his shirt or something

wtf japan
I think the fat is an enhancement, personally. There's just more of him to laugh at.
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