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Desc:He seems rather proud of the stains on them.
Category:Horror, Horror
Tags:fatman3141, gross obesity, mental illness, shit stains, melts
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Comment count is 15
The logical conclusion of Youtube.
Oh no. It has barely begun.

Ed Anger
Deidra Babe, is that you?
It looks as though he just can't pull the folds of his flesh back far enough to wipe his ass.
Stupid Lisa Garbage Face
He overeats so much that food is forced out of his ass all day. I think I just lost my appetite for the next week.
this guys definetely related to michael moore
Oh shit that's hilarious. I assume you're making this connection because this guy is fat, and Michael Moore is also overweight? Because I honestly don't think anyone has made that joke before.


i think you mean michael moore, as in michael moore food please! hahahahahahahahahah
michael moore.
is fat.

This man is obviously a Russian double-agent. "You're supposed to tell her that, Chuck. That's your job."
I would be ashamed of myself. Oh so fat.
The very definition of retarded attention seeking. Forget beating the dead horse, he mulched it and ATE IT TO MAKE MORE STAINS. (to showcase)
The category listing should have been horror - horror - horror.

this actually made me reel. my stomach feels gross.
His voice is the worst part. Oh wait, no, it isn't.
Be honest, you were expecting this times two when you met up with us for lunch last weekend.

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