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Desc:Some NSFW language here.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Humor
Tags:star trek, gay, shatner, roast, takei
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Resubmit:Aubrey McFate

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Comment count is 17
This was the moment that George Takei came out of the closet.... as absolutely hilarious.

He was the only thing that made that craphole of a roast worth watching. I particularly love the shocked expression on Shatner's face, as he clearly can't believe what he's hearing.
ehhh, he came out before this, like a while before this.

Word. He was great on the Daily Show ("And now here's a nutty broad who thinks she can talk to angels." "'Hot, Wet Bitches?'") and Futurama.

Three stars for that watermark bullshit, though.

Betty White was pretty damn ace herself in this thing. Granted, Takei was the highlight.

SolRo you can't read, can you?

I remember this being pretty decent material, but I rated this a five based purely on the preload image.

Anything that makes a coked-out Andy Dick feel bad makes me happy. He insists he's bisexual.
Rodents of Unusual Size
A billion stars.
Michael Houser
George Takei's gayness can not be denied. I wish his gayness had been written into the original Star Trek. I imagine him coming out of the closet, and two-thirds of Starfleet joining him in a rival confederation -- Funfleet, or YourAStar!Fleet. Episodes would consist of constantly foiling Kirk with alien tranvestites, and of course doing constant, provocative fly-bys of planet Klingon.
"Hi boys!"
"Arrgh!!! It's those StarFags again!!!"
"Engage tractor-beams! HAHAHAHA!!!"

Yeah. If Star Trek had giant flaming gaymo Klingons, it'd be a billion times more watchable.

Even Andy Dick couldn't ruin this one.
George Takei is my favorite minstrel.
A billion stars for the shaved Betty White comment.
A billion more for Shatner's face after George mashed his face in his cake, lol
George Takei makes gay awesome.

set phazers to incredibly camp put downs!!
Ho-lee shit. 5 stars for the background Orion slave girls.
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