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Desc:This ROM Hack feeds on the tears of orphans
Category:Video Games, Horror
Tags:super mario world, Kaizo, Hard as hell, pure frustration, ROM Hack
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Comment count is 19
I want to see that fat Mario kid have a go at this.
that video was in the hopper - some socially retarded guy who died every second and cussed a lot was playing it. the title said "me playing..." so it may have been a member here. it was amusing like one of those ulillillia videos.

Yay for turning Mario into a brutially difficult puzzle game ..
Brutally difficult is right . . . damn, the guy's good.
Balls of steel.
They make you ditch poor Yoshi in the lava.
Caminante Nocturno
And you can see him screaming as he sinks.

j lzrd / swift idiot
"Here. I cannot self-terminate. You must lower me into the steel."

You euthanized your faithful Companion Cube more quickly than any test subject on record. Congratulations.

Jesus Christ, Bowser is fucking INVISIBLE
Sudan no1
Hell yes. A while ago I saw a video of some Japanese guy trying to play this (and doing as well as a normal person could) but I couldn't figure out the name of the hack.
Save states save lives.
the midair trampoline jump around -1:24 is awesome
I call BS. This guy is playing in some kind of God mode. Check the fish smackdown at 5:35 - he just walks right through. Should have died.

Wait...I just watched that whole video intently enough to spot the cheat?... Minus 1 million nerd flavoured stars for me.
The dolphins don't kill you dude, they're just moving platforms.

Jesus. And this is just the first area. The ghost boss is crazy.
Mario doesn't NEED your bullshit checkpoints and saves. He HOPES he dies and has to start over.
Pie Boy
There are some things god never intended us to do.
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