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Desc:Tom Dickson and his lovely zombiewife shred a bunch of cards.
Category:Educational, Science & Technology
Tags:blender, will it blend, blendtec, tom dickson, credit cards
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Comment count is 23
how come this gets on and my farting fatty poet vid is already at -2 on the hopper
People vote on the clips int he hopper. Figure it out asshole.

Okay, we get it. This blender is good at the act of blending.
Caminante Nocturno
It's still not old.
It's really not.

helicopter cats
It sure ain't.

For a moment, when Tom was holding some mysterious woman, I thought...

I'm so going to breathe that!
His wife is clearly not as comfortable in front of the camera as he is. But then no human can hope to match Tom Dickson's style.
These are getting a bit old. I don't even have to watch it I already know what happens.

"Credit card smoke, don't breathe this!"
WRONG! "Ultimate credit card shredder."

This is really nice. I am glad to see a businessman who finally is doing more than just scraping by. Yay!
Will It Blend - My Wife
Try this at home! But only after you've used the credit cards to order your 0 blender, of course.
Aubrey McFate
I liked the credit card that smacked against the pitcher. Looked like it was struggling to not blend.
though I'll probably never get my wish of him blending some manner of illicit drug in there..."don't breathe it!"

Seriously, people. He can only blend a human being and a Blendtec blender. Or perhaps something like the Bill of Rights. The bar has been raised too high as it is.
"Please try this at home!" Wow, they're really exploring new territory in this segment.
As an actor (of sorts) I will envy Tom's natural talent for all of eternity.

And who in hell has 24 credit cards? I barely need my 1!
Stupid Lisa Garbage Face
-2 stars because yes it blends is getting boring. -2 stars for farting fatty poet vid comment making me look for it and watch it. It was terrible. Failure all around.
The McK
Not up to Tom's usual high standards, but it'll tide me over until he blands a desk lamp or a fan or whatever monstrosity comes next.
Pie Boy
Holy shit, I think Tom Dickson is an abusive husband.
That poor Blockbuster card never did anyone any harm!
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