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Desc:Richie Tenenbaum has some problems.
Category:Classic Movies
Tags:Wes Anderson, suicide, royal tenenbaums, luke wilson
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Comment count is 29
Wes Anderson, giving you the same movie over, and over, and over...luckily it's a pretty good movie
whoa, and this was in the news today...his brother Owen tried to kill himself...freaky

It's not "freaky." That's pretty much why Xiphias submitted it.

hmm well perhaps but the irony was so implicit as to be undetectable from the descirption

What is it with you dumb fucks who need everything triple underlined, with a semicolon close-parenthesis at the end?

Wait, the total lack of punctuation... .
BEEF? Is that really you? Are you just high is all?

hey don't hold back, tell us how you really feel now

I'm a huge fag for this movie, this scene in this movie, this artist, and this song. Impartiality is impossible.
Sean Robinson
This was an extremely affecting scene the first time I saw it, and most times I see it again.

The question being whether it is merely emotionally manipulative or something else.
I just love the soundtrack for this movie
The movie that defines me, my family, and everything I know. It's uncanny how dead-on accurate of a portrayal Gene Hackman is doing of my father.
I doubt your family is nearly as successful :D

I hated this movie the first time I saw it. I loved it the second time.
Jeff Fries
Fuck, I grew up in a normal family
This scene made me gasp when I saw for the first time -- the fact that he does it right after deciding that he'd do it TOMORROW (meaning "as soon as he voiced that it would happen, he just up and did it") always makes me a little sick to my stomach.

What an amazing movie.

(fun fact: the kid who walks in on him in the bathroom is the bearded greaseball from KNOCKED UP and SUPERBAD, and also played the 14-going-on-10 nerd in "Freaks and Geeks.")
Does "fun fact" mean "incorrect fact?"

Martin Starr is who you are describing, and I am reasonably sure he is not in this movie, but I am prepared to be proven wrong.

He's talking about Stephen Lea Sheppard

Well that's confusing, because both Stephen Lea Sheppard and Martin Starr were in Freaks and Geeks and they look similar, but it is definitely Martin Starr in Knocked Up and Superbad.

Now this fact ain't so fun!

Ugh, you're right.

Fun facts: The WsMD were found in Iraq! 2+2=5!!

Elliott Smith is the artist who did the song. Great stuff. Real damn shame that he's dead.
Eroticus E
You people had a field day ragging on me for hating The Life Aquatic, but seeing this scene again just reaffirms why I feel the way I do. Here is a movie with actual, identifiable characters and emotional resonance. In The Royal Tenenbaums, Anderson's aesthetic works along with the story instead of in place of it. The Life Aquatic was a snapshot of his earlier work stretched to feature film length.

Commence the hating.
I find the climactic scene of Life Aquatic to be as emotionally powerful as this one.

I thought Life Aquatic was actually better than this film. The special effects and eccentric camera work served the story and the characters more effectively.

Plus it had a scene where Bill Murray kills pirates. This one, sadly, does not.

for me its probably

1. Rushmore
2. Tenenbaums
3. Life Aquatic
4. Bottle Rocket

Ok, I love the song, I like the movie, but I'm such a fucking nerd it pisses me off that they would show someone passing out from such little blood loss.
It would have been a little too gory for the scene, so I am sure it was on purpose. The point of the scene was not to convey the graphic nature of suicide at all. But yeah, I mean - you are totally right.

Duppy Conqueror
wrong brother
I still wonder if it was Wes Anderson or Owen Wilson who wrote this specific scene.
Really, if you're going to kill yourself, you should be listening to Elliot Smith while you're doing it.

Preferably on heroin.
Such a powerful scene, it still gives me chills everytime I see it or hear Elliot Smith.

Definitely some of Wes Andersons best work.
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