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Desc:Davidson Vs Darby
Category:Sports, Educational
Tags:Prank, high school, We Suck
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The kid behind it should receive extra credit for that. He probably learned more real-life job skills doing that prank than he will in his whole time in high school.
Yeah but it's sort of bad sportsmanship don't you think?

Frank Rizzo
bad sportsmanship? For the love of allah I hope you're kidding. WHen exactly did America become full of such fairys?

Bad sportsmanship should give him extra credit AND scholarship money. He's got skills that are clearly in high demand in the Ivy League.

Yale did it in '04 using the exact same words and about twice as many people. The Yale one didn't turn out as legible, though.

This kid cites the Yale one as his inspiration.

Meh, this one wasn't that legible either.

Ah, the classics of the ivy league.
Caminante Nocturno
Hell, the only reason anyone ever went to high school sporting events was to be a dick to the other side.
Going to high school sporting events automatically qualifies someone as a dick and a total douche bag.

This is the kind of story your dad tells you he did in high school, and you think it's made-up bullshit.
I approve of this kid.
If I didn't already know what the message said I doubt I'd be able to read it from across the field. Hint: black on white stands out more than white on black.
Nice prank. Anyone know where the music is from?
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