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Desc:90s week continues w/ the one forgotten Radiohead bit on PoeTV.
Category:Music Videos, Alternative Progressive Indie Art
Tags:Radiohead, 90s, Special, thom yorke, Creep
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Comment count is 15
Who the hell forgot about this?
Meatsack Jones
Everyone who is grateful.

Yeah I think even the band is sort of bewildered about this album. Still pretty good though.

Yeah, they kind of went in a different direction after this, didn't they?
Brings back memories to when Radiohead played music. Still annoying.
It's like being punched in the head by a whiny fist made out of suck. Screw you, Radiohead! Fuck you!
You all cried to this song as kids.
The weird little guitar break right before the chorus was apparently Johnny Greenwood's attempt to make what he thought was a shitty song more interesting.
God, I feel like I'm 15 again. I'm going to go scrawl angsty lyrics and crappy poetry about how I'm so alone in the margins of my work notebooks, I'll be back.
Five stars for the nostalgia but that's about it.
Operation Cornflakes
Better than the beeps and boops of Radiohead's latter days

but yeah, 5 stars for radioheads sheer, justified vitriol for this song and everyone who liked it

Ahh middle school. A defining song in too many ways.
Spastic Avenger
possibly the most middle class song i have ever heard. used to love Radiohead, then i actually went to oxford and couldn't work out what th fuck they had to moan about considering I grew up here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Widnes
Repeat after me: "I am somebody." Look, this is a pretty good song, but "OK Computer" is the only record upon which Radiohead achieved greatness. Science is with me on this.
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