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Desc:Japanese girl flies to the UK to meet Simon Cowell. Goes from adorable to creepy real quick.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:American Idol, caminante, Frank Sinatra, China doll, rape eye
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Comment count is 15
I have no idea what just happened. Why was Simon so nice? Why were the other judges voting her through? Is this the only time a judge has kisses a contestant on this show? They never do that on American Idol.

I'm so confused.
Because the truly semi-retarded are to be pitied.

Every star for the rape eyes after Simon says "I might have to take you home with me."
Frank Rizzo
5 for 1:59
Princess v2.1
Simon, you've let me down
I get the impression that they wanted him to be more of a bastard for American audiences.

On the Simon-Rape-Eyes Scale, this is about an 8.
Someone should make a video compilation of Simon rape eye-ing people. I would, but I don't have access to lots of American Idol/X Factor/etc clips or the willpower to sit through them all.

Rodents of Unusual Size
Please let this be a joke. They're pulling a prank, right?
That part where she covers her mouth and goes "Ni" is like the cutest thing I've ever seen. Shaaan-Q Velly Maaach
Modern Angel
Stop that

She might be a knight

Billy Buttsex
I don't get it. This video isn't creepy, and she's not retarded. It's a cute Japanese girl who sings to Simon, and he nicely escorts her out. Big whoop.
I cringed when Sharon made the "china doll" comment.
She's creepy looking
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