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Desc:Snack time anytime.
Tags:Breakfast, Patton Oswalt, treats, Stella Doro, snack time
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Comment count is 11
Ever since I first saw this, I've been waiting for my girlfriend to really piss me off so I can tell her that her cunt smells like a baby's coffin.
Great audience reaction to that

+5 stars just for use of the word suppurating. At least five or six more for actually being really funny.
I remember this commercial. It's almost exactly as he says it. Although I kind of like those breakfast treats. They're kind of dry and sweet and shaped like a big S.
Pretty shitty as cookies go, too...they're like the kind of thing a person who's trying to quit eating sweets can keep for years on end (since they come from the store all bland, dry, and crumbly, I'd imagine they have a pretty good shelf life) in some remote, obscure part of the kitchen as emergency sugar.

"David Fincher-esque" is a pretty concise way to convey the setting.
...and I have a new crush.
a baby's coffin :D
I had a similar laugh at his later "Let me go fight crime and expose magicians, wielding a sword made of UNBAPTIZED BABIES!"

The day after I watched this video I rang up a box of Stella D'oro biscotti at work and had uncontrollable giggles for the rest of my shift.
Caminante Nocturno
There was probably trumpet and tuba music playing through most of that commercial.
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