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Desc:How business and government brainwash you into being a happy consumer-citizen
Category:Classic TV Clips, Educational
Tags:BBC, The Century of the Self, brainwash, evil bastards, Adam Curtis
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Comment count is 10
Mandatory viewing.
See, it's avoiding shit like the description that helps make these so much better than other "documentaries" along the same lines.
Frank Rizzo
jesus, 4 hours in length?

who has time?
Aubrey McFate
At the 3 hour 58 minute mark, the announcer objectively demonstrates how the Negro race is inferior to all others.

You're missing out, man!

I realize that your rigorous schedule of Halo and Family Guy doesn't leave a lot of room for self-improvement, but do try to find an hour out of the next four days to watch this.

Caminante Nocturno
I'm still buying anime!
Grace Mugabe
Curtis says masses the way only an Oxford-educated BBC- mandarin motherfucker could.

Also: Freud gave people his own books as presents? What a shit.
Gamara II
Oh god, how did I miss this the first time? It's nice to have an intelligent in-depth (yes, 4 hours) discussion of a subject that usually only gets as far as people screaming about "OMG CAPITALISM & GOVERNMENT IS EVIL GO CHE!". Ignore the horrible description of this video, please.
That guy
You needn't even be a "GO CHE!" type to find this worth every minute of the four hours. I don't find the description that snotty.
But, yeah, intelligent and in-depth it is.

Rodents of Unusual Size
My favorite part is the part where the proper old British narrator says "But now they were militant lesbian nuns".

That's about when I fell down laughing.

Also, this entire thing is fucking incredible.
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