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Desc:From his album, Werewolves and Lollipops. It's easily one of the funniest bits I've ever heard.
Category:Humor, Classic Movies
Tags:Patton Oswalt, death bed, rape stove, writing, screenplay
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Comment count is 14
Aubrey McFate
50 dicks in his ass like the tail of a peacock.
I think anybody who's tried writing can empathize with this. Plus, I mean, I want to see this movie. Beardy confession: A possessed bed nearly killed one of our dudes one time when we played Call of Cthulhu, so I've always had a weakness for the idea of an evil bed.
Or anyone who's gone through the notes process.

I've seen "Death Bed," and it's just as ridiculous as you'd imagine.

Great routine -- wish there was video footage. Not so fond of the static-image dealie.

Meatsack Jones
It was funny, but the static image gag is getting old on a video site.
Some people actually post pictures on youtube. Not moving pictures, not sounds with a static picture, but just a single picture that is a couple of seconds "long".

And likewise, some people will post songs- not music videos, just a shit-sounding mp3 mangled by Youtube's compression with a static image that's inevitably a blue screen with text like ~~fAlL Ote BOY aM t3h BETS!!~~x

What a funny little man
Caminante Nocturno
Rape Stove would work better as a miniseries.
Aubrey McFate
Coming soon to Showtime!

I love comedians who crack themselves up.
it's my mission to find another video that I can legitimately tag as "rape stove"
Mayberry Pancakes
His sincere fury and bewilderment sells it
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