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Desc:A trailer for the book that documents how IBM provided punchcard technology to help the Nazis.
Category:Educational, Science & Technology
Tags:Jews, germany, WWII, IBM, Holocaust
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Comment count is 6
Azmo23 - 2007-09-13
Mildly interesting Errol Morris rip-off. Definitely docu-ganda.

From IBM's press release in 2001, after this book was released:
It has been known for decades that the Nazis used Hollerith equipment and that IBM's German subsidiary during the 1930s -- Deutsche Hollerith Maschinen GmbH (Dehomag) -- supplied Hollerith equipment. As with hundreds of foreign-owned companies that did business in Germany at that time, Dehomag came under the control of Nazi authorities prior to and during World War II. It is also widely known that Thomas J. Watson, Sr., received and subsequently repudiated and returned a medal presented to him by the German government for his role in global economic relations. These well-known facts appear to be the primary underpinning for these recent allegations.
baleen - 2007-09-13

"Docu-ganda." I think the underpinnings of this documentary are that IBM willingly collaborated with the Nazis to create a unique system of cataloging Jews marked for extermination.

What you describe is not what is in the documentary.

Roachbud - 2007-09-13
Every company collaborated with the Nazis, its why continental Europe nationalized theirs after the war. We paid back GM for German factories we bombed.
kampfy - 2007-09-13
I.B.M. Also made M1 Carbines for the allies. So really it balances out in the end.
Ersatz - 2007-09-13
Hooray for shoddily researched, speculative, historical research that's already been debunked fairly thoroughly. Try throwing some crazy in with your "they had to know"s and you'll get a couple more stars.
baleen - 2007-09-15

"We assembled a team of 100, including researchers, historians, translators, archivists, children of Holocaust survivors, and World War II intelligence people. They worked in seven countries in some 50 archives and yielded 20,000 documents, which I organized and cross-indexed. Then some 35 historians reviewed every line of my manuscript before publication."

You are wrong.

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