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Desc:It probably sold very well...Children are obsessed with defeacation
Category:Advertisements, Horror
Tags:barbie, barbies dog, public littering
Submitted:a flaming monkey
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Sudan no1

she fed the dog it's own poop

I know. It's one thing if the dog ate it on its own volition, but Barbie freakin' FED it to him! So Barbie's teaching little girls to feed dogs their own shit? Crazy!

This is now on the short list of my favorite commercials ever.
a flaming monkey
I'm not sure what lesson this is teaching the children of the world...
Dogs are shit machines

not as awesome as the oreo cookie barbie, but close
Killer Joe
I just saw that it got recalled. Kids were swallowing the dog shit. That's awesome.
That's funny because the first thing I thought was 'I wonder if you can eat those?'

bang to buck ratio
Oh my god, where can I get one of these.
Stupid Lisa Garbage Face
Make barbie poop and eat it and I'd buy one
Toys R Us occasional employee: Yes, it sold very well.
Caminante Nocturno
This is the sort of thing you should be worried about kids trying to imitate.
Oh. My. God.
Get that shit-eating dog and an oozinator in the same room, and you've got a party
This and the Dale Earnhardt Junior Barbie are two of the greatest playthings in the history of mankind.
This one time me and my friend were walking his brothers dog. First the dog ate a piece of poo off the sidewalk and after a while it ate a piece of toilet paper.

True story.
Midnight Man
That's a smart dog.

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