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Desc:A time before viral videos.
Category:News & Politics, Crime
Tags:Police, Race, beating, rodney king, LAPD
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Comment count is 8
Billy Buttsex
Word on the street is that Rodney King was a real piece of shit.
And so were the pigs who beat him

He's been arrested eleven times since. But there's no getting around that the cops clearly beat the fuck out of the guy.

When the acquittals came down, I called my roomdog at his work and said "L.A. is gonna burn tonight." I didn't know how right I was. The next few days were quite entertaining, in a circle-the-wagons sort of way.
Testicles of Doom
It's too bad it's not the entire tape.

I only ever saw the entire tape one time. It had several seconds, perhaps even a whole minute of Rodney King charging and attacking the police officers. They would hit him once and he would just get up and keep coming.

I do believe that the beating was excessive though, it just bothers me that you can never see the whole thing.
I agree that the police used excessive force, however, I do wish they'd show the entire tape and mention the part where he apparently tried to wrestle a gun away from a female officer.

Rodney King! Rodney King! Rodney King!
Frank Rizzo
cant little paul just get a loan?!?!?!
A time before excessive tasing, too! Man, the 90s. What an age to be alive.
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