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Desc:apparently he killed *all* the Mandelas
Category:News & Politics
Tags:George W. Bush, Saddam Hussein, Nelson Mandela
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Comment count is 20
Mandela's alive. He thinks you should get the hell out of Iraq.

"Ya see, Saddam was a divider, not a uniter like me."
It's called an analogy.
No kidding. Its also called not having a sense of irony.

Dummy Rum
Actually, it's called a metaphor. An analogy is a comparison between two similar relationships.

Honest Abe
it's call you're a faggot

Conservatives, libertarians, and Bush apologists are the cancer that is driving me nuts, personally.

If he means "where is the social dissident kept in prison without trial that could help unite the disenfranchised of Iraq?"
then maybe mandela is in guantanamo right now.

It's a terrible and disjointed analogy and you know it.

Oh, no question.

But the description implies that Bush thinks there was an international super-team of Nelson Madelas fighting injustice all over the... okay, shit, I really want to buy that comic.

Bush is in the Matrix where there are as many Mandela's as Agent Smith.

Yeah, it would be a fine "analogy" if only Mandela were dead. Unfortunately for Bush, he's still very much alive.
i'm predicting a 10 second YTMND clip of your bush/mandella matrix fight scene.

If there was a Mandela in Iraq, the US wouldn't support him.
if there was a nelson mandela in Iraq the US would arm the racist regime that locked him up for life. oh wait.

Billy Buttsex
Who's Nelson Mandela? Oh, wait, DOESN'T MATTER BECAUSE HE'S DEAD.
Moqtada al Sadr is their Mandela, Iraq is that fucked up
Rodents of Unusual Size
Cap'n Profan!ty
It betrays an incredible ignorance of the nature and scope of the buttfuckery that is the Iraq War. Stopheles is right--our history suggests we'd never support a Mandela. Hell, it took public outcry for us to support the imprisoned one in South Africa in the 1980s, despite corporate resistance all the damn way. Only the end of the Cold War (and thus the end of our strategic need for South Africa as an anticommunist bulwark) let us engage in something as nice as "morality."
"Where's your Mandella's now?"
Rodents of Unusual Size
You have to admit he had a point there...too bad he didn't understand it.

William Batty
You been in the desert too loooong!

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