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Desc:Click the youtube user profile for the complete movie.
Category:Classic Movies, Humor
Tags:brad, neely, harry, Potter, Ronnie and the Bear
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Comment count is 16
What's complete about this?
If you click on the video and go to the YouTube page the whole thing's uploaded in a dozen-odd parts. I can't help but wonder why the multiple-part submission form wasn't used.

Last time I tried the multi-part submission I was still getting an error.

Yeah, that's what happened. I tried to use the multi-submit form, got an auth error and rage logged.

Sorry, I didn't think it would make it through the hopper in an incomplete form.

Hey, it's excellent regardless.

-1 because this is the first version, and I prefer the second. However, it's still brilliantly funny.
Yes, the other version has better vocals.

No. I'm pretty sure this is the second version. The first one is quieter and Neely uses a more a of a nasal voice similar to his Professor Brother's cartoon. The second one, which I believe this to be, was a reread made to compensate for the volume problems of the first one. I've been listening to the old one for about a year, and a quick double check with this against the copy on my hard drive does seem to confirm this as a the second one.
As this is the second one I will only grant it five stars, as opposed to the five billion stars I would have granted the first one.

Yeah, whichever one, the other one was better. His voice just sounds funnier when he's doing that Professor Bros shtick. This voice is too gruff and overwrought.

Caminante Nocturno
Just for the various descriptions of the Pork Family.
Sean Robinson
I had just watched this and now it is here!

What other synchronocities will my life be greeted with today?

What a world!
The rating system needs to go from one stars to "Brad Neely."
Innocent Bystander
Fucking amazing. Anyone who doesn't know what the hell is it, watch it. Also this is the first time I've watched the entire movie.
Downloaded the tracks and watched it properly.

It's awesome, but definitely not for watching while alone and sober.
This is definitely the second version, which is far inferior to the first one. McNeely sounds like he's done this a million times and he's sick to death of it.

Don't get me wrong, Wizard People is awesome. But I honestly find this version unlistenable. I wish he'd never rerecorded it.
Sean Robinson
What a faggy thing to be so gay about, eh?

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