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Desc:He and his home are just as bizzare and creepy as you would imagine.
Tags:artist, H.R. Giger, alien death train
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Comment count is 7
Sudan no1 - 2007-09-30

The comments on youtube led me to believe the train was made for the Dune movie but wasn't used? How unfortunate.
kiint - 2007-09-30
it was for the never-made Jodorowsky version of Dune, which would have thoroughly kicked ass....

kingarthur - 2007-09-30
Jodorowsky version of Dune
kiint - 2007-10-01
From WP:
Jodorowsky began working in 1975 on an adaptation of Frank Herbert's Dune. The project was intended to involve his son Brontis (Paul), Orson Welles as the Baron, Salvador Dalí as the Emperor, Mick Jagger as Feyd Rautha, Alain Delon as Duncan Idaho, Geraldine Chaplin as Lady Jessica, Dan O'Bannon for the script, Chris Foss, Pink Floyd, H.R. Giger and Jean Giraud (Mœbius). Ultimately, its funding evaporated, but Jodorowsky claimed it was sabotaged by the major studios in Hollywood because it was too French. Many close to the project claim that the set designs later turned up in Star Wars. Several of the people working on Jodorowsky's version of Dune later worked on Alien with elements (specifically those designed by Giger) similar to that of the failed Dune project. In the early 1980s, David Lynch would later make the first film adaptation of Dune.

StanleyPain - 2007-09-30
I'm 5 starring this because I love Giger tons, but I think it's funny this video originated from some making-of thing for Species which is arguably the worst piece of shit Giger has ever lent his name to.

Some would say Future Kill was worse, but he only did the poster art for that and had nothing to do with the film's production.

I've seen a ton of interviews and such with him, though, and he doesn't strike me as creepy. Seems relatively normal, just a guy who likes to live on his own terms with his own art.
Spike Jonez - 2007-09-30
What about Killer Kondom?

Killer Joe - 2007-12-31
He's like a kid showing off his legos. He's loving it so much.
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