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Desc:Charles James Still Needs To Get Laid - Please Help
Tags:destruction, Chaos, Charles James, Josh Nativio
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Comment count is 9
This guy is kind of like Rodion Ramonivich Rashkolnikov only dumber, fatter and with even less a chance of becoming Napolean.
And just think what Dostoevsky could have done with Hitlur.

So girls aren't turned on by talk of rape and sodomy?

"Not really... even though in most of the books that I read, that's what they like. Hehe."
"I want to have many women to bear my children, and bring about the end of the world!"

"What do you look for in a woman?"

"Uhh... Redhead."

"Redhead. Or Brunette. No Blondes. Okay, Blondes."

He doesn't need to get laid, he needs meds.
bang to buck ratio
What the hell. I'll do it.
I didn't need to hear anything besides "armageddon semen" to 5 star this.
King of Balls
This guy ripped off my entire Craigslist Personals ad word for word.
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