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Desc:William Wallace leads his men to freedom despite an outbreak of badly dislocated elbows.
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Horror
Tags:CGI, doctorlegua, braveheart, william wallace
Submitted:Herr Matthias
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Comment count is 13
oh my god, the synchronized running Scotsmen

Caminante Nocturno
Those arms are going to be in my nightmares.
I'm a little puzzled by that last scene. Is he supposed to be a ghost? A ghost that just sits there on his ghost-horse, five or so feet in the air?

doctorlegua defies explanation AGAIN.
Guh. Braveheart = abomination. This is so much worse, it somehow ends up at five stars.

Even with those incredibly retarded fantasy weapons.
Rodents of Unusual Size
Bob from Reboot has seen better days. 5 stars for the sword getting up and flying away at the end, there.
Innocent Bystander
Also 5 stars for the sword taking a bow.

Has this guy ever seen a human body move?
William Wallace's nervous tics and his wandering left arm

also the scotsmen
Awesome in a horrible way.

Does anyone know if this is for real, or is this yet another work of ironic "incompetence" done for artsy laughs?
I swear to god, if this turns out to be some joke perpetrated by a sick mind, I'll be--

Well, in awe, really. But also hacked off, because I want this to be real.
Why did Mel Gibson steal Whoopie Goldberg's hair for this?
Doctorlegua has... I want to say 'improved' steadily as these things have gone on. I believe it's real.
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