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Desc:But they lost the battle to the Reptilians long ago
Category:News & Politics, Humor
Tags:martians, David Icke, whitey, reptilian, horrible misunderstanding of earth sciences
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Comment count is 3
minimalist - 2007-10-02
Does he actually have a following, or do people just turn up to these things to see what nutty thing he'll say next?
frau_eva - 2007-10-02
Oh, he has an honest-to-god-following. My schizoid Mom actually has all his books. For even crazier fun, go to a "New Age Convention" like I was once dragged to. You can find people there who believe that we're a combination of the Cat People and the Lizard People, who with the Spider People are intergalactic delegates from the planet Nibiru. David Icke's craziness is just the tip of the paranoid internet iceberg.

Rudy - 2007-10-02
He's got a website: www.davidicke.com

If you go there be prepared to be inundated with sales pitches for his various books. There's some good crazy there if you look for it, though.

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