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Category:Military, Educational
Tags:guns, sniper, soldier, rifles, ballistics
Submitted:Jimmy Labatt
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Comment count is 14
dr_rock - 2007-09-29
ebola - 2007-09-29
The host is a dick bag.
Janusian Soul - 2007-09-29
Especially when he's holding the bullets up the camera.

Jimmy Labatt - 2007-09-29
I don't understand; why is he a dickbag? He's just doing what they pay him to do: illustrating the huge difference between the caliber of rounds.

Eurhetemec - 2007-09-29
He's dickbag because no only is he "perving" on it in a creepy heavy-breathing way, he's getting his facts wrong whilst he does it. This rifle is neither "new" nor "stealth" (hahaha WHAT?!), AK-47s do not fire "the .308" rounds , and a .50 caliber round most certainly cannot "take out" any APC made in the last 30-40 years, and his talk about the bolt is misleading (he's describing a weapon where you have to actually *remove* the bolt, which isn't how many "sniper rifles" post-1960 have operated.

2 stars because dickbag and they don't really show it hitting anything.

shadyj - 2007-09-29
yes, he gets the AK 47 round incorrect, but the 50 cal can penetrate many types of light armor, and when it does, it fragments into a bunch of little high-velocity pieces that can spray everywhere.

Also, it's hardly a 'stealth' weapon, at 180 dB upon firing. Even the silenced version makes a 120 dB noise. And it's much heavier than ordinary rifles, at over 30 lbs when loaded.

This thing is cool, but I don't think it's as useful as this 'gee-whiz' video makes is appear.

dueserpenti - 2007-09-29
The pornification of war is one of the most distasteful aspects of the new America. Plus one star because it's a really big gun.
Sean Robinson - 2007-09-29
Fucking gay. I want to see video clips of the death these things punch out.
1394 - 2007-09-29
I am amazed by this new STEALTH RIFLE.
BHWW - 2007-09-29
See, I was intrigued by Futureweapons but I stopped watching because of this fruit. I wanted to give him an atomic wedgie every time I hear d him going on and on...

"The GX-4657645 OmniZap is the latest in Army. Military. Stealth. Technology."

(overly dramatic, hushed tone)"This bad boy...can take take out a school bus from...over 4000 yards away...and I can't wait to see one...in action."

(Cut to tool and miltary/defense contractor rep who is obviously being creeped out and/or annoyed by this dork.)

and so on...

cognitivedissonance - 2007-09-29
"This is the .308." *hip grinding and unf-unf-unf*
TheQuakeSoldier - 2007-09-29
My friend used to work for these guys. I've been in that factory and watched test fires in that padded room. This rifle will gib your entire body from a mile away.
Syd Midnight - 2007-09-29
+7 for the rifle, -5 for the host
Caminante Nocturno - 2007-10-30
Yeah? So, why are we doing so badly in Iraq and Afghanistan? How's your fancy-pants rifle helping you now?
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