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Desc:Videogame henchmen gain self-awareness.
Category:Video Games, Humor
Tags:PC, sociology, No one lives forever, henchman, bad guys
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Comment count is 10
Please don't tell me this is fake, if it is, I'm much happier thinking it's real.
It's real. This game has many, many moments of brilliant henchmen talk like this.

This is my favorite, but there's tons of great conversations in the game; The implied bestiality one with the security guard comes to mind.

Yeah this game was amazing. This is just one of many of these sort of gags. My favorite was the two henchmen discussing which evil organization had the best benefit plan

Innocent Bystander
NOLF 1 and 2 are flippin' amazing.
NOLF 2 was a terrible trainwreck.

NOLF 1 was better than Half-Life.

Jesus, I will never understand this sentiment. NOLF 2 is my favorite, if only for the lack of sneaking puzzles alone. Even if you take out the crap sneaking aspect of NOLF1, they are still easily equal in my eyes.


I normally blast 1st and listen later when killing henchmen in FPS games.
After all, they are created solely for the purpose of getting fragged.
What of conversational insights could they possibly have to offer?
NOLF changed all that.
Now I can't help but wait and listen to whatever banalities the writers took the time to come up with.
Now though when killing henchmen I pretend I'm fragging game developers when I feel my time was wasted listening to their drivel.
I think I shot these guys with the Walther before they finished their conversation when I played through the game so I missed all this. But now thanks to some internet stranger I finally get to hear it all. Ain't life grand?

Kinda loses some of its appeal out of context, though.
Oh man, I played NOLF last night and came upon this nugget of gold. Almost felt sorry about having to whack them afterwards.
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