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Desc:He's the head one of one of the most eminent financial group and an expert on the Gen-gnome theory
Category:Video Games
Tags:Dreamcast, House of the Dead II, Goldman
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a flaming monkey
What the hell was that guy thinking swimming in a canal full of zombies?

It baffles me that Uwe Boll would make such a shitty film when he had this to go on.
Don't come!

Needs all the no-voice gameplay footage cut.
WE'RE going to meet G over THERE
The newer games in the series have (marginally) better voice acting and are worse off because of it.

I also love the DISHWASHER: TYPE ??? stuff.
Grace Mugabe
Friends from the ANS.
Thanks for saving me! ... then leaving me in zombie infested waters.
In the GED students who voiced this' defense, they had a very bad script as well.
Dogs of the ANS. Time to make a move.

The dialogue was recited by people who had no concept of Indo-European intonation.

Suffer like G did?
5 stars for including the VMU beep in the soundtrack

Caminante Nocturno
The last guy they rescue in this video makes me wonder what would happen if the Soup to Nuts people made a zombie film.
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